It's Time for
More Options


It's Time for More Options

We started NewGen Contraception Project because we believe there should be more and better contraceptive options for women+.

Why? Too many people are dissatisfied with today’s options. Most of these options rely on science from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many people experience side effects or simply struggle for a multitude of reasons. It’s time for a new generation of options.

Contraception is such a necessity for most users that many people are required to settle for an existing product even if they would prefer one with different features if it were available. Many women are making challenging trade-offs between efficacy and other features they desire. These trade-offs are an important driver of unplanned pregnancy.

We want to understand your experiences with contraception and use that to guide breakthrough research into new options - options that support your overall health and improve your quality of life.

It’s Necessary. It’s Important. It’s Possible.

How do we get there? Together, step-by-step.


are at the center of
everything we do


We use the best available
evidence to identify current
gaps in our contraceptive options.


Resources must be activated
to create breakthrough discoveries
in contraceptive methods.


We support early stage
research: new science,
early stage products.


We support innovators
looking to bring
products to the clinic.


Working with researchers,
manufacturers, and contraceptive
users to bring new
methods to market

What We Do

In everything we do, we come from the perspective of women+, users of contraception. We begin by asking women+ what their contraceptive experiences are – and what they seek.

  • We raise awareness of the need for more options.
  • We advocate for more investment into the research and development for next generation contraceptive options.
  • We support scientists, clinicians, innovators, researchers, regulators and investors to address contraceptive gaps, and further advance new contraceptive initiatives.

Why Women+

Women+ includes women and individuals who have the capacity to become pregnant.

We acknowledge the need for medicine to recognize biological differences but we support individuals in determining their gender and sexual identities.

We will focus on female-controlled contraceptive methods with a commitment to non-binary, transgender, and sexual partners who might benefit from better contraceptive methods.


How You Can Get Involved

Join our community of contraceptive users to share your experiences, tell us what you would like to see in a new method of contraception, and engage with other likeminded women+!


Becoming a partner

We are convening the collective energy of engaged organizations, philanthropists, early and late stage biopharmaceutical companies, and government agencies to work towards better contraceptive options for everyone.


Explore our resources

We gather the latest information on contraception research and development, funding opportunities, and more.

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